Silicone & Allied Products

Rehab Silicone Heel Cups

Product code : I-01

Size : S, M, L

Anatomically designed for a comfortable fit the soft silicone spot in the calcaneal spur region provides comfort reduces impact loads on the ankle ,knee hip & spine during steps. Absorbs shocks and vibratious distributing the weight evenly over the whole foot. Hard-wearing unbreakable under normal foot loads.

Silicone Elastomer Insoles 

Product code : I-02

Size : S, M, L, XL

Anatomically designed for a comfortable fit. Insoles made with viscoelastic silicone with metatarsal and calcaneus supports in different density and with retro capital support and bridge. Reduces impact loads on the ankle knee, hip & spine during steps.

Rehab Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Product code : I-04

Size : Universal

Cotton & nylex bag used to secure hot/cold pack in the correct place whilst providing compression to the affected area. Use to help reduce pain or swelling. Adjustable elastic wrap conforms to all body parts.

Rehab Silicone Insole With Medial Arch For Flat Foot 2N (1Pair)

Product code : I-05 Adult, Uni I-06 (Pediatric)

Size : 1(1-4yr.), 2(4-7yr.) 3(7-10yr.), 4(10-15yr.)

Medial arch insoles to stabilize the calcaneal position. Medial arch support to rest the supportive soft tissue of the foot. Supports action of plantar fascia and resists high pronation forces. The best way to clean the insoles is to gently sponge them with warm soapy water and dry with a paper towel. Do not soak or dry in sun light. Pediatric size is for 2 years to 15 years comes in 4 size Categories.

Toe Seprator Silicone

Product code : I-07

Size : Universal

Toe seperator made with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic dermatologically-tested, viscoelastic polymer gel that does not favor bacterial growth

Exercise Gel Ball

Product code : I-08

Size : Universal

Made from high-grade soft gel, making it highly efficient and durable. Egg-shaped balls fit perfectly in hands. It improves fingers and hands flexibility and strength. It helps in managing physical stress as well as mental streaa. It improves muscle tone and strength.

Rehab Weight Cuff (½ Kg, 1Kg, 2Kg & 3Kg)

Product code : J- 01, 02, 03, 04

Size : Uni.

Used for exercise and for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is used to improve muscle power and strength muscle tone and stamina. Rigid spandex fabric provides flexibility and ease of wearing high cushioning and is aesthetically appealing. Simple wear by wrap buckle style. Smooth steel balls glide to ensure no injuries.

Coccyx Cushion Seat

Product code : J-05

Size : Universal

High density of PU foam used offers high resilience, better cushioning and longer functional life of product. Removable and washable cover gives plush looks. Pressure relief density soft foam. For body weight up to 95 kg provide comfort.

Ortho stockinete 

Product code : J-06-09

Size : Uni.

Width (MM) : 50, 75, 100, 125 - 10 Metre & 1 Metre

It consists of a characteristic fabric of plain weave in which wrap threads are two-fold cotton threads, crepe twisted and weft threads are of viscose. Made of high-quality yarn and has fast edges. Manufactured as per british pharmacopeia standards. It is an ideal bandage for musculoskeletal injuries.

Orthopaedic Heating Pad

Product code : J-10

Size : Universal

Imported long-lasting heating coil flexible material can be contoured conveniently around the affected area. Long cable improves convenience in built twin thermostate for 100% safety ultra soft nylex cover. Velcro strap on belt. Soft slide illuminated temperature controller with 3 heat levels.

Monowalk Stick

Product code : J-11

Size : Adjustable

Made of high-quality anodized aluminium, with single leg design for better stability and helps those with poor balance. It has a push-button, length can be adjusted telescopically. Suction PVC bush foe abetter grip on any surface. It has plastic sleeves to reduce the friction between the upper and lower tubes.

Quadripod Walk Stick

Product code : J-12

Size : Adjustable

Made of high-quality anodized aluminium, with four leg design for better stability and helps those with poor balance. It has a push-button, length can be adjusted telescopically with modified lock liver. Suction PVC bush foe abetter grip on any surface. It has plastic sleeves to reduce the friction between the upper and lower tubes.

Monowalk Stick Pod

Product code : J-16

Size : POD 19mm

Made of high quality monowalk TPE for long durability and for great balance. It is a part of monowalk stick and quadripod walk stick. It is used in the base of the stick to maintain grip and stability. 

Scrotal Support

Product code : J-17

Size : Universal

Anantomical pouch provides sufficient space, effective support, lift to scrotum, and a seperate pocket for penis. Strong stretchable fabric provides required compression and comfort. Stretchable waist belt with broad hook-loop panel ensure easy application, sizing flexibilty, dermophilic materials enhance comfort, ensure no rash, allergy or abrasion. Light in weight, can be worn inconspicuously under the clothes.

Folding Walker HD (All Pods)

Product code : J-22

Size : Adjustable

Folding Walker HD (All Pods) is a four legged frame that allows a person to lean on it for balance, support and rest. It can be folded easily. It have a range of buttons that can be pressed to adjust and set the height of the walker, so the handles fits you properly. It is made out of high quality steel, so they are light to be picked up and move easily. The tips of the legs are covered with rubber caps that are designed to prevent slipping and improve stability.

Folding Walker HD (With Wheels)

Product code : J-23

Size : Adjustable

Folding Walker HD (With Wheels) is a useful mobility aid for people with limited mobility and provides great support and balance to the user. Durable and light weight, the anodized mild steel frame eliminates any noise and provides a strong grip on the floor. It comes with a push button which allows it to be folded for compact storage and transport. In addition to this, the wheels facilitate the use to walk on surface with a relax stride.