Traction Kits

Skin Traction Set (Puff Liner)

Product code : H-01

Size : Adult & Child

It is a modified version of cotton crepe bandage. It is used for providing indirect traction to extremities. It is available as a complete kit, convenient for emergencies, has an adult cord, so quick to apply. The foam liner is designed to enhance skin friction without slippage.

Leg Traction Brace

Product code : H-02

Size : S, M, L, XL

Leg traction P.U foam fabric offers comfort and strong grip. Velcro closures ensures controlled compression, easy application and no loosening large skin contact area eliminated need for any adhesives or over tightening inbuit adjustable spreader bar and cord.

Pelvic Traction Belt

Product code : H-03

Size : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Provides traction to lumbo-sacral & lower thoracic regions. Provide uniform & controlled traction. Made of PU laminated fabric with foam padding lining of sweat absorbing fabric for comfort Velcro closure for easy application oblique straps for correct vector of the traction force.

Cervical Traction Kit - Sitting

Product code : H-04

Size : Universal

Cervical traction head halter suitable for vertical & horizontal traction at home, hospital private clinics. Over door pulley bracket which is designed to fit any door or can be hang on a wall. Ct spreader bar & a traction cord. Cost effective & easy to apply can be used for all adult & children.

Pelvic Traction Set With Weight Bag

Product code : H-05

Size : Universal

Available as ready to use kit. Spreader bar traction pulley & traction cord. Weight bag convenient for home or hospital use. Cost effective & easy to apply. Sturdy design for a long life & multiple use.

Cervical Traction Set Sleeping With Weight Bag

Product code : H-08

Size : Universal

Provides traction to the cervical & upper dorsal vertebras. It relieves pressure by stretching the musculature & connective tissue components of the cervical spine. Provided with head halter spreader bar, and cord of 3 mtr. Length soft padded head halter provides a comfortable interface for the traction.

Traction Weight Bag

Product code : H-10

Size : Universal

Extra large capacity, 12 kg with sand. Sealed with radio frequency waves, which ensures no leakage or spillage, even on prolonged use. Thicker & softer material makes it durable & crack resistant excellent quality easy to read.